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Stories from my clients…

“I woke up this morning and realized I have meant to send you a big thank you for your work with Sophie. 18 months after moving in with me, she is now: drug free, clear eyed and communicative, employed full time at the Seattle Cancer Care alliance and proud of herself, dating and just this week, started living with, a truly nice guy. I’m sending you a photo of Sophie playing disc golf on Vashon Island. Says it all.

I imagine that you don’t always know how stories end up, and there may be a time she wants more of your help–but just wanted you to know that Sophie has become herself and I am a very lucky Mom.”

The most powerful testimonials to the gains made at West Seattle Psychotherapy come from the clients themselves.

Out of respect for privacy and to maintain trust, we do not solicit stories. We are profoundly grateful to our clients who volunteer to share their journeys as a part of their healing process in hope that others will be encouraged in their own healing journey.

“Karen helped me to see my life in a new light.”