Yoga & PsychotherapyPrivate Sessions are an opportunity to develop a more holistic lifestyle that is tailored to meet your needs. The science of Yoga provides a clear, consistent path with practices and additional resources that facilitate living a completely healthy life. With the combination of Yoga psychology and psychotherapeutic practices, it is possible to cultivate some freedom from our habits, a sense of acceptance and a life based in wellness. Along with Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga, we can determine which lifestyle practices, when applied with consistency, help an individual to achieve a greater sense of mental, emotional and physical health.

By practicing tuning into our inner voice, through mindfulness and Yoga practices in combination with counseling or psychotherapy we are guided to a greater awareness of our natural state of wellbeing.

Private sessions may involve  wellness assessment(s) including an analysis the breathing patterns. These assessments can help determine the direction of our work together, the goal always being  a healthier relationship to the Self. Daily routines, adaptation of yoga asanas, breathing practices, mindfulness practices,  some dietary suggestions and other practices are all offered as concrete methods by which to develop a life in which your longings are acknowledged and your hope is renewed.


Between 2000-2018 Dr. Armand has taught yoga and mindfulness to others. Through her outreach efforts, medical doctors, clinicians, social workers and psychologists who are interested in the uses and limitations of yoga therapy and yoga psychotherapy for individuals with anxiety, addictions and eating disorders, have increasingly sought her perspective.

Principles That Underline Every Private Session

  1. Each individual has an innate urge towards health (Mahat in Sanskrit). This kind of work explores the unique relationship each student has with themselves and with their commitment to cultivating wellbeing.
  2. Nonharming (Ahimsa in Sanskrit). Each session is founded on trust and respect that an individual will establish their own explorative pace through mindfulness practices, Yoga therapies, and psychotherapy.
  3. Mindfulness (Atha Yoga Asunam in Sanskrit). The intention underlying each session is to increase our ability (both therapist and client) to be present fully and to be able to witness their experience for the benefit of each other.
  4. Self-Study within Community (Svadyaya in Sanskrit). Support through “together action” is encouraged. A number of resources with be explored to reconnect with family, friends, and our communities to increase our positive contribution to the world.


All private sessions are located at:

4102 N. 33rd Street, Tacoma, WA 98407

Accessible by bus, free parking on the street.

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