The Power of Relaxation

The act of relaxing has a power like nothing else for me.  Consciously relaxing never fails to help me feel calmer as my thought processes and rate of breathing slow down.  As much as I may feel guilty “doing nothing”, I have to remind myself that relaxing is not “doing nothing”.  My mind can actually be rejuvenated through just being quiet.

In a quiet state, I can sense what is true for me and get a clear “read” on my feelings. I feel like getting quiet and allowing myself to be in silence, gives my mind a chance to single out thoughts and feeling, giving particularly inspired ones enough time to crystallize and come to the surface of awareness.  As all of our electronic devices intrude deeper and deeper into spaces that were once reserved for solitude, reflections and privacy, taking time to relax, to be quiet and just be becomes even more important.  More than ever if we can do nothing else to divert our self-destruction, we must nurture the private dialogue and solitude that make clear, inspired thoughts and feelings more possible.
Relaxation takes many forms.  I have found that allowing myself to just “be” works the best. This is some friendly encouragement to find a form that works for you and practice it as often as possible.  Let’s stop filling the void of silence with baseless chattering and other such noises.  Let’s enjoy the quiet and beauty within. Take this moment, if you would, from your day, to stop now, and just be. Without referencing memory, relax with no special effort or doing.

How might you describe your felt-sense of being? I experience it as an undeniable sense of peace, impossible to locate in my body yet specific and personal as well as universal; an intrinsic quality I share in common with everyone and everything. As I relax into just being, I realize that there is a good reason why we are called human beings, not human doings.

We don’t need to transform in order to recognize and rest as our essential presence of being. Yet the daily affairs of our life, emotional reactions and traumas invariably takes us away from resting in our pristine state of peace and wellbeing that arise when we abide in our native feeling of being, which reveals ourselves as intrinsically beyond the limitations of space and time, as already perfect, complete and whole, just as we are.

At the same time we must accept that at a basic human level we need healing. We do need to partake in the power of transformative doing that arises when we welcome and proactively engage with our emotions, thoughts, and fellow human beings, which are in need of constant loving kindness and compassionate understanding. We need to continually address the day-to-day stresses that arise as we live amidst the chaos of life that is messy, limited, and in need of constant attention. While health, perfection and wholeness are intrinsic to our underlying essence of being, as human beings, we also, paradoxically, need to partake in proactive engagement with all the various aspects of daily life.

The transformative power of being is revolutionary as it reveals that we are always whole, healthy and perfect, just as we are. Yet, paradoxically, this understanding realistically unfolds only when we simultaneously engage the transformative power of doing and of relaxing into being. We don’t need to do in order to be. But we need to be in order to truly unfold our full capacity as human beings.